America launches a new military amphibious ship

The United States recently launched a new San Antonio-class military ship at the Huntington Ingalls Industries Shipyard in Mississippi, the LPD class ship the United States has built for its Navy.

The director of the dockyard said that the corporation is working on developing an additional ship of the “San Antonio” class, but it will be modified from the rest of the ships that were previously produced, and new technologies and equipment will be tested on it.

The United States is developing San Antonio ships for use in military support and landing operations, and has specifically designed them to be able to transport various types of military equipment and vehicles, as well as helicopters.

The length of each of these ships is 208.5 m, its width is 32 meters, and its displacement of water is 25,300 tons. It can also sail at a speed of 23 knots, and transport 360 soldiers with their full military equipment.

Al Jundi

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