Al Tariq announces key upgrades to PGMs

Al Tariq‭, ‬based in the UAE and part of the Weapons and Missiles cluster within EDGE‭, ‬is a regional leader in aerial weaponry and‭ ‬manufacturer of precision-guided systems‭, ‬announced major upgrades to its Al Tariq precision guided missiles‭ (‬PGM‭) ‬in November‭ ‬2019‭. ‬
With the enhancements‭, ‬the Al Tariq PGM family of weapons is now updated to the new Block 2‭ ‬definition‭. ‬The Block 2‭ ‬definition boasts a host of improvements including an enhanced navigation solution and are fully compliant with US military standard 1760‭ (‬MIL-STD-1760‭), ‬French standard DIGIBUS‭, ‬and also boast new Height-Of-Burst-Sensor‭ (‬HOBS‭) ‬capabilities for Precision Guided Munitions‭. ‬
The upgrades boost the capacities of Al Tariq’s precision guided weapon technology with a new PowerPack that equips the weapons with a pre-flight power source‭, ‬and greater mission flexibility with cockpit fuse programmability‭. ‬
Theunis Botha‭, ‬General Manager of Al Tariq‭, ‬said‭: ‬“The upgrades to the Al Tariq weapon systems indicate our sustained commitment to adapting and innovating at a time when the need‭ ‬to build readiness and resilience cannot be overstated‭. ‬We are continuously strengthening our foundations and building in-house‭ ‬capabilities to deliver advanced products and solutions‭, ‬through which we aim to empower defence and security forces‭, ‬protect lives‭, ‬and safeguard national interests‭.‬”
Al Tariq manufactures the combat-tested and proven Al Tariq range‭ ‬–‭ ‬a flexible family of bomb kit systems used on the MK81‭ ‬and MK82‭ ‬aerial weapons‭. ‬Converting unguided aerial weapons into high-precision‭, ‬longer-range focused munitions using a range of guidance and propulsion technologies‭, ‬the system’s modular nature and the flexibility of its programming enable it to adapt to new priorities as missions evolve‭. ‬
By building capabilities in easy-to-handle and deploy packages‭, ‬Al Tariq’s advanced solutions achieve precision targeting through a choice of systems‭, ‬including GNSS/INS‭ (‬Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System‭), ‬imaging infrared with Automatic Target Recognition‭ (‬ATR‭) ‬capabilities‭, ‬and Semi-Active Laser‭ (‬SAL‭) ‬seekers against high-priority fixed‭, ‬off-axis‭, ‬moving and re-locatable targets‭.‬
Tariq is part of the Weapons and Missiles cluster within EDGE‭, ‬an advanced technology group for defence and beyond‭, ‬that was inaugurated in November 2019‭.‬

Al Jundi

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