Al Seer Marine launches next generation of autonomous Surface Vessels Technology

Al Seer Marine has announced the launch of the second generation of maritime security technology, via autonomous flat boats.

The new marine component – which comes under the name “Hydra” and is a rigid inflatable boat with a length of 4 meters – aims to raise the efficiency of maritime security and enhance the safety of anchorages and major ports around the world.

Equipped with radar, cameras, amplifiers and defense equipment, this autonomous boat combines the capabilities of security patrol boats and high-speed interceptors.

With the launch of its second generation of marine security technology, Al Seer Marine is expected to boost its share in the maritime security market, which is currently valued at $19.87 billion and is expected to grow to $29.91 billion over the next four years.

Jay Nevins, CEO of Al Seer Marine, said: “The trend in the security sector, marine, land and air, is to develop autonomous boats equipped with advanced technology in monitoring and response. With the launch of Hydra boats, we are cementing the company’s position at the forefront. This is an international market… where Hydra boats can be used in various fields of the marine industry, from industrial ports to cargo delivery and up to the protection of luxury yachts. We look forward to highlighting our capabilities and potentials in the marine sector.”

The Hydra, which can be remotely- controlled, is designed to be used as a state-of-the-art boat in the high-speed maritime security patrol fleet in most modern ports and luxury yachts around the world.

This second generation of advanced boats enhances security efficiency around the world, as they can be fully added to the existing maritime security fleet, and are capable of tackling a range of challenges in different industries.

Al Jundi

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