Airbus to militarize the H160s Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters and the French Armament General Directorate‭ (‬DGA‭)‬‮ ‬are pursuing a new set of studies to further the‮ ‬militarisation‮ ‬of the H160‭ ‬and to define its associated support‮ ‬ecosystem in the frame‮ ‬of the Joint Light Helicopter program‭. ‬This contract launches pre-development activities for the military version of the H160‭, ‬in order to meet the delivery schedule that was brought forward in May 2019‭ ‬by the French Minister of Armed Forces‭, ‬Florence‮ ‬Parly‭.‬
The new set of studies will also focus on defining the optimal set-up for supporting the tri-service H160M fleet‭.‬‮ ‬Airbus Helicopters‭,‬‮ ‬Safran‮ ‬Helicopter Engines‭, ‬and the DGA will work closely together in order to maximize the availability rate of the helicopters‭.‬
The H160‮ ‬was designed‮ ‬to be a modular helicopter‭, ‬enabling its military version‭, ‬with a single platform‭, ‬to perform missions ranging from commando infiltration to air intercept‭, ‬fire support‭, ‬and anti-ship warfare in order to meet the needs of the army‭, ‬the navy and the air force‭.‬

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