Airbus to build BADR-8 satellite for Arabsat, with optical communications payload TELEO

Airbus has been contracted by Arabsat‭, ‬one of the world’s top satellite operators‭, ‬to build BADR-8‭, ‬their new generation telecommunications satellite‭. ‬BADR-8‭ ‬will replace and increase‭ ‬Arabsat’s capacity and augment its core business at the BADR hotspot 26°E‭.‬

The BADR-8‭ ‬satellite will be based on the-state-of-the-art Airbus Eurostar Neo electric orbit raising platform giving access to‭ ‬a wide range of launchers‭.‬

BADR-8‭ ‬will also include the innovative Airbus developed TELEO optical communications payload demonstrator‭. ‬This payload will enable very high capacity analogue optical feeder link communications‭, ‬as part of the development by Airbus of a new generation of‭ ‬optical communications technology in space to be integrated in its future commercial products‭, ‬which is highly robust against jamming‭.‬‭ ‬

Al Jundi

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