Airbus Helicopters concluded Heli-Expo 2020 with significant orders

Airbus Helicopters concluded Heli-Expo 2020‭ ‬with 38‭ ‬orders‭, ‬as well as 20‭ ‬retrofits for the new five-bladed H145‭.‬
German air rescue and ambulance provider DRF Luftrettung placed an order for 15‭ ‬H145s‭, ‬making them the largest operator of the H145‭. ‬Show highlights included the increased power of the H125‭ ‬that will enable operators to lift up to an additional 190‭ ‬kg‭ (‬419‭ ‬lbs‭), ‬Shell Aircraft confirming their interest in using the H160‭ ‬for offshore transportation missions‭, ‬and Metro Aviation ordering an additional 12‭ ‬new EC145e helicopters‭. ‬Customs and Border Protection will add 16‭ ‬new H125‭ ‬helicopters to their fleet‭. ‬Another H125‭ ‬order was signed with Ascent Helicopters in Western Canada‭. ‬Airbus received an order for three new H135s from NASA‭, ‬marking the first-time partnership between the U.S‭. ‬space program and Airbus Helicopters‭. ‬The agency will use the aircraft for a variety of missions‭, ‬including missile launch security at Kennedy Space Center in Florida‭, ‬emergency medical services and qualified personnel transport‭. ‬

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