Airbus forms Team Nightjar to deliver Australian capable helicopter

Airbus Helicopters has joined hands with over 20‭ ‬Australian partners to form Team Nightjar‭, ‬as the consortium launches its solution to Project LAND 2097‭ ‬Phase 4‭. ‬Under this Project‭, ‬the Commonwealth of Australia is seeking a fleet of helicopters to support‭ ‬the Australian Defence Force’s Special Operations‭. ‬Team Nightjar offered a fleet of the highly capable Airbus H145M and in-country support‭.‬

The capable H145M is the latest member of the H145‭ ‬family‭, ‬which has flown over 5.9‭ ‬million hours with more than 1,400‭ ‬aircraft‭ ‬in service globally across civil‭, ‬parapublic and military domains‭. ‬It is well supported by a mature global network‭.  ‬The H145M is an exemplar platform for light special operations and is a solid match for the Special Forces’‭ ‬requirements‭, ‬with proven capabilities for no-fail‭, ‬high-readiness missions added Mathewson‭. ‬The light twin-engine aircraft is‭ ‬an operationally proven‭, ‬affordable and low-risk option for Australia‭, ‬complementing the MRH90‭ ‬Taipan with improved mobility and‭ ‬situational awareness for special operations‭. ‬By virtue of its compact size‭, ‬the H145M will be optimised for operations within‭ ‬dense urban terrain and will be rapidly deployable via a C-17A Globemaster‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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