Advanced development of the “Tor” system

The director of the Russian “COBOL” plant, which manufactures air defence systems, revealed that the modernization and development operations associated with the “Tor” systems aim to improve all their specifications, especially increasing the range of interceptors, enhancing their ability to intercept small and very fast air attack systems that fly at low altitudes, and enhancing their immunity against electronic jamming.

He pointed out that work is underway to develop the “Tor-M2” system. The development process to which the “Tor-M2” system is subjected includes the creation of a wheeled vehicle capable of operating on the surface of water and the establishment of a similar system for the Navy.

The main function of the “Tor” systems is to protect government, industrial and military installations against air attacks of anti-radar missiles, cruise missiles, and aircraft, including stealth aircraft, “drones” and helicopters.

Al Jundi

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