ADASI reveals an armed robotic vehicle and two unmanned ground vehicles

“ADASI” – the company specialized autonomous systems and services … during its participation in “IDEX 2021” exhibition, revealed an armed robotic vehicle and two new unmanned ground vehicles.

ADASI has teamed up with Nimr, its sister company within the EDGE Group, to convert the Ajban 440A manned armored vehicle into an autonomous, driverless system called the Ajban Robotic Armed Vehicle. The vehicle withstands light weapon fire, artillery shells, the explosion of mines and improvised explosive devices, and is controlled by a ground- control station with a communication range of 12 km and the ability to operate for eight hours, and it can travel at speeds of up to 50 km per hour to support the armed forces with greater firepower in addition to reducing the risks to the lives of soldiers.

Al Jundi

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