A green light from Pentagon to sell 64 F-35A fighter aircraft to Finland

The State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Finland of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft with air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground precision guided munitions and related equipment for an estimated cost of $12.5 billion.

The deal includes 200 JASSM-ER missiles, one of the most dangerous cruise missiles in the world.

The missile will not actually change the basic military balance, but it is a stealth missile and will extend the range of Finnish missiles.

The huge US offer to provide Finland with advanced weapons that consist of:

– 64 F-35A fighters

-50 F / A-18EF Super Hornet Fighters

– 14 EA-18G Advanced Strike Fighters

-500 Small II Bombs

-150 AIM-9X missiles

– And some stand-off weapons

The total cost of the deal is $ 12.5 billion.

Al Jundi

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