UAE delegation attends‭ “‬Army 2021‭” ‬defence exhibition in Moscow

A high-level delegation from the UAE’s Ministry of Defence met with top Russian defence officials at Army 2021‭, ‬the international military-technical forum held in Moscow‭.‬

The UAE delegation led by Staff Major General Dr‭. ‬Mubarak Saeed Al Jabri‭, ‬Assistant Undersecretary for Support and Defence Industries at the Ministry of Defence‭, ‬explored the latest military equipment and technologies exhibited by prominent companies‭, ‬mainly from Russia and some other countries‭.‬

The event held from 22nd to 28th August at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has attracted visitors from across the globe‭.‬

The UAE delegation has also met with senior Russian defence officials and heads of prominent Russian defence companies‭, ‬and discussed the military cooperation between the two countries‭. ‬Both parties have expressed their commitment to explore potential new‭ ‬areas of cooperation in defence sector‭.‬

Speaking about the UAE’s participation at Army 2021‭, ‬Staff Major General Al Jabri said‭, “‬The UAE is always keen on building defence cooperation and partnerships with all other countries across the globe‭. ‬We find Army 2021‭ ‬as a perfect venue for such engagements that support our‭ ‬efforts to maintain regional and global peace‭.”‬

He added‭, “‬The event is also a great opportunity to explore the latest military equipment and technologies‭.‬

Al Jundi

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