The Emirati Approach to Sustainability and Climate Action

This book explores the roots of sustainable development and climate action within Emirati thought. It begins by outlining early features of sustainability in the cultural and historical heritage of Emirati society. It then traces five key stages in the evolution of the concept of sustainable development in the UAE; from the first phase in 1972, until the last, extending from 2000 to the present day.

Contributing factors from the UAE’s history and heritage are reviewed to demonstrate a strong culture of sustainable thought, in both economic and social practices. Empirical data is then presented to chart the UAE’s successes in balancing the legislative and practical aspects of sustainable development and climate protection. The book details the UAE’s sustainable development strategies, before going on to explore the UAE’s increased contributions to international efforts to minimize the impacts of climate change and promote a green economy. Central are investments in clean and sustainable energy sources worldwide.

Lastly, the book documents the UAE’s approach, over the course of the last decade, to increase investment in clean energy sources and maintain climate neutrality commitments. Regionally, the UAE has taken the lead in this area, as evidenced by the goals of the UAE Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative. This comprehensive narrative of the historic and cultural roots of sustainability in Emirati thought offers a deeper understanding of UAE climate action, and provides a valuable resource that could serve to enrich other countries’ experiences in addressing the climate challenge.

Al Jundi

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