How did the US intelligence interpret The unidentified flying objects ‭(‬UFOs‭)‬?

The US intelligence community released its report on June 25‭, ‬2021‭ ‬about what it knows about a series of mysterious flying objects that have been seen moving through restricted military airspace over the past several decades‭, ‬marking one of the first times‭ ‬the US government has publicly acknowledged that these strange aerial sightings by Navy pilots and others worth checking out‭. ‬In practice‭, ‬the report was released after years of internal discord in Washington‭, ‬including bureaucratic battles within the Pentagon and pressure from certain members of Congress for such a report‭. ‬The report examined 144‭ ‬observations of what the US government calls an‭ “‬unidentified air phenomenon‭” ‬from March 2004‭ ‬to March 2021‭. ‬The report failed to provide any explanation except‭ ‬for one view‭.‬

The intelligence report says that the Defense Ministry task force specified this period due to a number of factors‭, ‬most notably‭ ‬that it was possible to obtain reliable data from multiple military sensors‭, ‬and the procedures for reporting unknown flying objects‭, ‬and collecting and analyzing data about them‭, ‬are carried out according to standardized procedures and agreed upon between branches of the US military and the Federal Aviation Administration‭.‬

On the other hand‭, ‬during that period‭, ‬government employees‭, ‬especially pilots‭, ‬were encouraged to report the activity of any confrontations with unidentified objects‭, ‬in contrast to what prevailed during previous periods‭, ‬when the majority of military and‭ ‬civilian pilots in particular preferred not to report them‭, ‬in order not to be accused of uttering superstitions or delusions‭, ‬and this can affect their future career‭.‬

Before clarifying these possible explanations‭, ‬a very important point must first be made‭, ‬which is that this is not the first time that a US federal agency has been tasked with looking into this matter‭. ‬In 1966‭, ‬the US Air Force faced growing public pressure to provide an explanation for UFOs‭.‬

At the time‭, ‬the Air Force funded a two-year scientific study of UFOs‭. ‬The study was commissioned by the University of Colorado‭,‬‭ ‬headed by prominent physicist Edward Condon‭. ‬Its results were published in 1969‭.‬

Condon concluded that there was no evidence of any UFOs using advanced modern technology‭. ‬He gave multiple explanations‭, ‬including‭, ‬for example‭, ‬that they are rare natural phenomena‭, ‬and he also emphasized that he recommended not to do more extensive studies of unidentified flying objects until science progresses further‭. ‬Of course‭, ‬these explanations did not convince wide popular‭ ‬groups‭, ‬which remained in their firm belief that such a report aims to cover up Washington’s monitoring of alien space objects‭.‬

Possible explanations

Before the report presents its possible explanations for these phenomena‭, ‬it confirmed at the outset that in 143‭ ‬observations out of a total of 144‭, ‬the investigation authorities‭ ‬“lack sufficient information in the database to specifically explain these facts‭,‬”‭ ‬meaning that the report could not resolve to any degree the certainty of the nature of these phenomena‭.‬

Only one case deviated from this rule‭, ‬as it was later identified as a large‭, ‬deflated balloon sliding into the ocean‭. ‬As for the remaining 143‭ ‬cases‭, ‬the report provided multiple explanations‭, ‬which are as follows‭:‬

1‭ ‬More advanced hostile technology‭:‬‭ ‬The report clearly indicated that some of these observations may be linked to technology from other countries such as China or‭ ‬Russia‭. ‬Such an interpretation worries the United States‭, ‬as it implies that a foreign adversary‭, ‬such as Russia or China‭, ‬may have advanced technological weapons about which the United States has no information‭.‬

Although this may seem unlikely to many‭, ‬in practice it has been done before‭. ‬The United States has previously admitted that Russia is the first country in the world to introduce hypersonic weapons into its arsenal‭, ‬and US Deputy Defense Secretary Michael‭ ‬Griffin confirmed in late 2020‭, ‬that the United States lags behind Russia in the development of hypersonic missiles‭. ‬Indeed‭, ‬Griffin asserted‭, “‬We do not have systems today that could create a similar danger to Russia and China‭. ‬If they decided to use their missiles‭, ‬we would be at a disadvantage because we are in a pursuit race‭.”‬

The United States is trying to catch up with Russia‭, ‬and Lockheed Martin‭, ‬in partnership with the US Air Force‭, ‬is trying to develop American hypersonic missiles‭, ‬especially since this type of missiles makes the air defense systems currently in force in the United States unable to confront these missiles‭. ‬Despite the plausibility of this interpretation‭, ‬its rationale is challenged‭ ‬on the grounds that it is not feasible to repeatedly fly advanced aircraft into adversary airspace where they can be easily documented‭.‬

2‭ ‬Secret US technological programs‭: ‬The report indicated that some of these views may be linked to‭ “‬secret technological programs belonging to US institutions‭.” ‬An‭ ‬important factor should not be overlooked‭, ‬which is that the United States has deliberately concealed the reality of these phenomena for years‭.‬

In 2013‭, ‬the United States recognized the top-secret US military base known as Area 51‭. ‬It was popularly believed that the US government was hiding extraterrestrials at the base in Nevada‭, ‬since local residents and visitors to the area reported seeing UFOs‭ ‬flying inside the site‭.‬

But in fact‭, ‬these objects were in fact modern spy planes that the United States has been developing for years‭. ‬The United States encouraged this belief among the local population‭, ‬or at least‭, ‬not correcting it‭, ‬in order not to allow foreign countries to‭ ‬know that they are developing weapons in this region‭, ‬and then encourage them to spy on them‭.‬

On the other hand‭, ‬the report did not rule out the possibility that these observations were the result of innovations developed‭ ‬by private technology companies in the United States‭, ‬but the report indicated that it does not know these parties‭.‬

3‭ ‬Natural weather phenomena‭: ‬The natural phenomena of the atmosphere include ice crystals‭, ‬moisture and thermal fluctuations‭, ‬which can be misread on some infrared and radar systems‭, ‬meaning that these foreign objects are nothing but a defect in the performance of American sensors and‭ ‬reconnaissance systems‭, ‬or a result of the jamming opeations against the United States‭.‬

It is noted that such errors are common errors‭. ‬Since the discovery of nuclear weapons‭, ‬the world has come close to the brink of‭ ‬a devastating nuclear conflict at least 22‭ ‬times‭, ‬largely because radars and other sensors have misinterpreted harmless events‭,‬‭ ‬such as a swarm of swans‭, ‬the color of the moon‭, ‬minor computer problems‭, ‬or mysterious space weather phenomena‭.‬

A false alarm can be triggered by two types of error‭: ‬Human error and technical error‭, ‬as both may occur at the same time‭. ‬In 1980‭, ‬a technical error nearly caused disaster under President Jimmy Carter‭, ‬when one of his administration officials received a call at 3:00‭ ‬am from the US Air Defense Command’s control office informing him that computers had detected 200‭ ‬guided missiles from the Soviet Union to the United States‭.‬

In this case‭, ‬it turned out that the source of the problem was a faulty chip in the computer that was running the country’s early warning systems‭, ‬and a year earlier‭, ‬a technical worker had inadvertently shown a training tape depicting missile strikes that‭ ‬looked like real on the computers of the main warning centers‭, ‬which almost could have caused an outbreak of military confrontations that include the use of weapons that have the ability to crush entire cities and level them to the ground‭.‬

The latest report issued by the US intelligence refers to one case‭, ‬in which strange radio frequencies were picked up‭. ‬In April‭ ‬2019‭, ‬the Parks Radio Telescope picked up a strange narrow-band radio signal from Earth’s closest star system‭, ‬Proxima Centauri‭,‬‭ ‬later named BLC-1‭. ‬While some scientists believed that this frequency is only a technical signature of a civilization living on‭ ‬one of the planets revolving around the‭ “‬closest centaur‭”, ‬other experts confirmed that this is nothing more than radio interference‭, ‬since it used the same radio range as the satellites‭.‬

4‭ ‬Airborne chaos‭:‬‭ ‬This category includes birds‭, ‬balloons‭, ‬unmanned recreational aerial vehicles‭, ‬or airborne objects‭, ‬such as plastic bags‭, ‬that‭ ‬disturb the scene and affect the operator’s ability to identify real targets‭, ‬such as enemy aircraft‭.‬

5‭ ‬Other explanations‭:‬‭ ‬The report finally confirmed that most of the 144‭ ‬things described‭, ‬and recorded in US databases‭, ‬may remain anonymous due to the limited data or the difficulty of analyzing them‭, ‬as they may need‭, ‬according to the report‭, ‬additional scientific knowledge‭ ‬to collect and analyze them‭. ‬Some of them have been described successfully‭. ‬The report was satisfied that it would group these unexplained things into its own category pending scientific developments that would allow the United States to better understand‭ ‬them‭.‬

Exclusion of the alien extraterrestrials‭:‬

The report did not mention within its interpretations the possibility that the UFOs could belong to a civilization or life that‭ ‬exists outside the planet Earth‭. ‬It is noted that the NASA Space Agency confirmed on its website the day after the issuance of the intelligence services report on these objects‭, ‬that its mission is to try to explore any reliable evidence of life outside the planet‭. ‬Although NASA asserted that the function of science is to try to explore the unknown‭, ‬in the end‭, ‬it confirmed that no‭ ‬indication of extraterrestrial life had been detected‭.‬

On the other hand‭, ‬what gives credibility to the exclusion of the existence of extraterrestrials that own advanced spacecraft that visit Earth is that other countries‭, ‬such as Russia and China‭, ‬which have radar and space-oriented sensors‭, ‬have not detected‭ ‬similar objects‭, ‬which means that it may not be an exaggeration to claim that there is no objective indication that extraterrestrials exist on other planets‭. ‬

‬By‭: ‬Dr‭. ‬Shadi Mohamed
‭(‬Military affairs‭’ ‬researcher‭)‬

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