Proper Nutrition Alleviates Suffering in Gout Patients

Gout patients could alleviate their suffering through proper nutrition, by avoiding foods containing purines, which the body converts into uric acid – the main cause of gout’s painful joint and bone inflammation, according to the German Nutrition Society.

The Society explained that high-purine foods include meat, sausages, certain fish like herring and sardines, and lentils.

It added that a proper gout diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, potatoes, eggs and dairy products.

Drinking Adequate Fluids

It is important to drink adequate amounts of fluids, around 3 litres daily, as sufficient fluid intake helps flush uric acid out of the body through urine.

Moreover, gout patients should avoid fruit juice with fructose, as it increases blood uric acid concentration, however, they can drink tea and coffee moderately.

Al Jundi

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