Emirati Date Pits .. A Rich Source for Producing Nutritional Supplements and Antioxidants

A new study of the structural properties of date pits from the UAE has confirmed that they are a nutritious source that can be utilized to manufacture nutritional supplements and antioxidants.

The study showed that date syrup production in the UAE generates date pits containing good levels of fibre, sugars, and protein, as well as high quantities of important elements like potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

This enhances their potential for use in the production of nutritional supplements.

In the study, researchers examined various common Emarti dates, including Khenaizi and Lulu. The results indicated that the pits of these dates contain high percentages of phenols, which are a great source of antioxidants.

The researchers pointed out that date pits are still not optimally utilized, as they are either fed to animals or disposed of in ways that make them prone to fermentation. This can cause environmental problems from the resulting leachate, odour, and increased risk of transmitting diseases by enabling bacterial growth and pest infestation.

Furthermore, they emphasized that the ideal way to use date pits is by converting them into value-added products, which would contribute to improving the economic efficiency of date-based industries, as well as reducing their environmental impact.

Al Jundi

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