Balanced Diet Essential For Mental Health

A recent British study has revealed that consuming balanced and healthy meals preserves brain health and enhances human cognitive functions and mental prowess.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK, sheds light on how dietary choices affect physical and mental health.

During the study, the researchers analysed data from a large sample of 181,990 individuals from the UK Biobank database, focusing on biological indicators, cognitive functions, metabolic markers, and genetic factors to explore the relationship between nutrition and overall human health.

Participants’ food preferences were collected through online surveys, with volunteers divided into 10 categories based on the types of foods each person preferred. An artificial intelligence system was then used to analyse and classify this vast dataset and extract results.

The study found that consuming balanced meals increases the volume of grey matter in the brain, which is associated with intelligence, leading to significant improvements in cognitive and perceptual abilities compared to individuals consuming less diverse meals.

For those who do not prioritise healthy eating, the study emphasised the need to gradually modify their dietary habits by reducing the sugar and fat content in their meals.

Lead researcher Jian Feng stressed the importance of consuming healthy foods from a young age. He added that families and schools should provide diverse meals for children and students to create a healthy environment that supports both physical and mental health in young individuals.

Al Jundi

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