TUSAS unveils the ANKA-3 stealth drone’s prototype

Turkish Aerospace Company “TUSAS” successfully completed its projects on schedule and the TF-X (MMU) and HurJet aircraft successfully carried out ground tests, in addition, the ATAK 2 will start engine tests soon, and the ANKA-3 completed its maiden flight on March 19, 2023.

The ANKA-3 MİUS – which stands for National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle System in Turkish – is a new generation project that will enhance Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities.

Designed with stealth capabilities that make it difficult to detect by radars, this drone is equipped with a jet engine and can carry a large payload.

The ANKA-3 is designed to work with the 5th generation TF-X fighter under development by TUSAS.

Al Jundi

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