Turkiye Tests Electro-Optical System for Bayraktar TB3 UAV

Turkiye has successfully conducted its first flight test of the Bayraktar TB3 UAV equipped with the domestically produced ASELFLIR-500 electro-optical system for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting, touted as the best of its kind globally.

A statement released by Baykar, the manufacturer of the armed UAV Bayraktar TB3, reported that the UAV flew for the first time with the ASELFLIR-500 system developed by Aselsan with local capabilities.

Moreover, the tests proved the successful integration of the ASELFLIR-500 electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting system, with the Bayraktar TB3 UAV.

During the test, the ASELFLIR-500 system, which boasts superior performance compared to its global counterparts, tracked the Bayraktar TB3 attack UAV, which in turn conducted a training sortie.

Al Jundi

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