Turkiye Launches New Naval Submarine

The military shipyard of Golcuk in Turkiye witnessed the launching of a new naval submarine, the second submarine of the “Reis” class, which uses diesel-electric propulsion and is dedicated to the Turkish Navy.
In 2009, Turkiye initiated a program to manufacture six new diesel-electric submarines for its armed forces, designed by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.
Each Turkish “Reis” submarine has a length of 68.35 metres, a water displacement of 1,850 tons, a maximum speed of 20 knots, a diving depth of 400 meters, and accommodates a crew of 40 individuals.
These submarines are equipped with 533mm American Mk.48 torpedoes, German DM2A4 torpedoes and Harpoon anti-ship missiles.
In the future, they will be armed with Turkish “Akya” torpedoes and “Atmaka” anti-ship missiles.

Al Jundi

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