The US modifies stealth destroyers

The United States is working on a project to upgrade the Zumwalt stealth destroyers and equip them with new weapons.

Experts in the U.S. Navy indicate that “the updates that will be implemented on the ship will keep it as one of the most technologically advanced and formidable ships in the U.S. Navy.”

The Zumwalt will be equipped with the C-HGB missile launch system for hypersonic missiles.

The traditional weaponry, such as cannons, will be dismantled and replaced with four vertical missile launch cells, each capable of accommodating 3 C-HGB missiles.

Each Zumwalt ship is 183 metres long and has a displacement of 14,500 tons. Its armament includes 80 Tomahawk missiles and it comes equipped with a platform for the versatile SH-60 helicopter and 3 drones.

Al Jundi

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