Russian Su-57 Fighters Begin Testing with 6th-Gen Engine

Russian Su-57 fighters have started testing the new 6th-generation engine with flat nozzles and a variable thrust vector.

This engine appears to be an upgrade of the Izdelie-30 engine, with up to 90% of the nozzle parts made using additive technologies (printed on a special 3D printer).

The production of Su-57 fighters continues under a government contract for 76 aircraft, and Russia is already operating about 20 serial production aircraft.

Furthermore, there are dozens of other prototype models of the fighter, which are being tested with different technological solutions and new types of weapons.

The Izdelie-30 engine has been adopted for use in Su-57 aircraft, providing powerful performance and advanced technological features that enable the aircraft to achieve high speeds and fly efficiently for long distances.

Al Jundi

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