Russia deploys radar that detects drones and stealth aircraft

Air defence experts in the Southern Military District of the Russian Army have deployed a modern self-propelled‭ “‬Kasta‭” ‬radar that can detect air targets‭, ‬including those flying at low altitude‭.‬

This radar is designed for circular aerial detection and is intended to monitor the atmosphere and to identify air targets such‭ ‬as aircraft‭, ‬helicopters‭, ‬remote-controlled drones and winged missiles‭.‬

The radar can detect aircraft using‭ “‬stealth‭” ‬technology‭, ‬according to Russian sources‭. ‬Military exercises were conducted to assess the ability of this radar to detect drones under conditions that the virtual enemy would interfere with and jam the operation of friendly radars‭. ‬The drone simulated the flight of an enemy drone‭, ‬according to the radar commander‭. ‬The crew of the‭ “‬Kasta‭” ‬self-propelled radar succeeded in carrying out its mission of determining the coordinates of the drone and sending it to the command center to destroy it by using the‭ “‬Tor‭ – ‬M‭” ‬air defence missile system‭.‬‭ ‬

Al Jundi

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