Russia announces successful test flight of the upgraded Tu-160M ​​bomber

Russia surprised the world by announcing the successful test flight of a Tu-160M‭ ‬​​heavy strategic bomber‭, ‬which dates back to the Cold War era and equipped with the new NK-32-02‭ ‬engines‭. ‬The Tu-160M missile launcher successfully carried out its maiden flight with the new NK-32-02‭ ‬sequent engines at Kazan Aviation Airport‭.‬

The TU-160‭ ‬is a multi-modal supersonic strategic bomber that carries variable swept wing missiles‭.‬

This bomber is capable of carrying up to 12‭ ‬strategic cruise missiles on two multi-position rotating launchers inside the fuselage‭.‬

The newly manufactured Tu-160‭ ‬bombers and their upgraded versions will not differ significantly from each other‭, ‬but technically‭ ‬they received different designations from the Ministry of Defence‭; ‬Tu-160M‭ ‬​​for updated operational aircraft and Tu-160M2‭ ‬for bombers built from a scratch‭.‬

Al Jundi

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