Rostec unveils new technologies to protect soldiers & military vehicles

The Russian company‭ “‬Rostec‭” ‬announced the development of special technologies that will help protect soldiers and military vehicles‭.‬
According to company sources‭, ‬experts at Technodinamika‭, ‬subsidiary of the company‭, ‬have completed tests on a new type of reinforced ceramic‭, ‬which will be used in armor for the protection of army personnel‭, ‬armored vehicles and military vehicles‭, ‬as well‭ ‬as in the protection of military ground‭, ‬sea and air equipment‭. ‬The sources indicated that the company’s experts were able to manufacture special panels that incorporate super-hard ceramic reinforced with aluminum oxide‭-, ‬and these panels showed effective‭ ‬protective properties in military protection armour‭. ‬Industrial production of these panels is expected to start soon‭.‬
According to the experts in‭ “‬Rostec‭”, ‬the new invention will contribute to the development of composite protection armor‭, ‬durable and lightweight‭, ‬capable of protecting personnel and military equipment from the dangers of bullets and armor-piercing projectiles‭. ‬During the tests carried out on the aforementioned ceramic plates‭, ‬they were exposed to 7.62‭ ‬mm sniper rifle‭ “‬Dragunov‭” ‬bullets‭, ‬and were also tested with the Russian military‭ “‬Kirasa‭” ‬armor‭, ‬as tests showed that they have excellent robustness and high quality‭.‬

Al Jundi

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