Huntington Ingalls Launches New Amphibious Assault Ship

The shipbuilding division of American defence contractor Huntington Ingalls Industries has announced the launch of the third amphibious assault ship, the USS Bougainville, for the US Navy. The USS Bougainville was moved from its floating drydock into the Pascagoula River.

As the first ship with a well deck at the stern for launching landing craft, the USS Bougainville retains navigation capabilities while incorporating enhanced surface attack features.

It has the largest flight deck ever designed, able to accommodate F-35B fighter jets and MV-22 aircraft.

This versatile large-deck amphibious assault ship also contains state-of-the-art medical facilities, full operating wings, and the capability to serve as a replenishment ship for fuel and supplies.

Amphibious assault ships project power and enable the rapid deployment of Marines and equipment to global hotspots. With its well-rounded design, the USS Bougainville strengthens the US Navy’s ability to support amphibious operations. After outfitting and testing, it will be delivered to the Navy in 2024.

Al Jundi

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