Egypt Unveils New Electromagnetic Pulse System

The Egyptian military unveiled the “EDE-100A”, a new high-energy electromagnetic pulse system, at the EDEX 2023 exhibition.

This innovation comes from the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production and is designed to serve as a last line of defence against emerging aerial threats, particularly swarming small drones, making it crucial for safeguarding critical targets.

In terms of technical specifications, the EDE-100A is powered by a primary power source of 220 volts/50 hertz. It features an angular range reflector from -10 degrees to +45 degrees and azimuth 360 degrees.

The EDE-100A’s field intensity reaches 265 kilovolts per meter, with an antenna gain of 6.5 decibels. The system has a repetition rate of 2 hertz and an effective range of less than 100 meters, making it effective against a wide range of quadcopter drones.

Al Jundi

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