Comprehensive Upgrade Plan for K9 Thunder Howitzer Gets Approval

The Korean Defence Project Enhancement Committee has approved a comprehensive upgrade plan for the K9 Thunder howitzer. The approved 4-year budget for the Howitzer’s upgrade amounts to $1.81 billion and will continue until 2027.
The upgrade aims to reduce the required personnel for operating the howitzer by introducing automated operating systems.
The howitzer is characterized by its armoured structure capable of withstanding projectiles up to 14.5mm, artillery fragments, anti-personnel mines, and a system for protection against weapons of mass destruction to purify air from nuclear, chemical, and biological radiation.

The howitzer is equipped with various combat equipment, including a chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear (CBRN) protection system, a heating system, internal and external communication systems, a fire suppression system, and an automatic fire control system.

Al Jundi

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