China Develops Heavy Combat Vehicles

China possesses a diverse range of Type 59/69, T-54/55, and T-62 tanks and is working on developing modified combat vehicles based on these tanks.

Moreover, it is modifying certain armoured vehicles from the Type 59G and VT-3 categories intended for export.

The modified military vehicles China is working on will be equipped with 125mm guns, 12.7mm W85 machine guns, modern communication and guidance systems, as well as fire suppression systems.

They will also be fitted with protection and reactive armour systems to safeguard their turrets and structures from shells and missiles.

The modified armoured vehicles will feature engines generating 730 horsepower, enabling them to reach speeds of 50 km/h.

Furthermore, they will be equipped with fuel tanks sufficient for covering 450 km in each mission, with each vehicle weighing around 40,000 kg.

Al Jundi

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