China Deploys J-16 Aircraft Armed With PL-17 Missile

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force has released photos of its J-16 multi-role fighter jet carrying an advanced, long-range PL-17 air-to-air missile.

These missiles are likely to be used primarily to target enemy airborne early warning and control aircraft and tankers.

The PL-17 project appears to be a replacement for the PL-12 or PL-21 versions, both of which use turbofan engines.

While the PL-17 operates on a dual-pulse rocket engine, making it technologically easier to master.

This 6-meter-long missile uses a combination of four fins, a small tail, and a thrust vector control system for manoeuvrability.

The PL-17 missile has a range of about 300 kilometres, with a maximum speed of at least 4 Mach.

Al Jundi

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