Britain builds new generation military ships

A Scottish shipyard recently held a ceremony dedicated to assembling the hull of the “Venturer”, the first of five Type-31 ships to be developed for the British Army.

In 2019, the British Navy signed contracts for 5 Type-31 ships, the first of which is due to be in the water by next year, and all ships are scheduled to enter the service before the end of 2027.

The length of each of these ships is 140 meters, with a water displacement rate of 6,500 tons, and it can move at a speed of 26 knots, and travel a distance of 9000 nautical miles in each mission.

These ships will be armed with modern Sea Zeptor anti-aircraft missiles, 57 and 40 mm guns, and will be able to carry multi-purpose helicopters.

Al Jundi

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