UMEX & SIMTEX 2024 Mark phenomenal success

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, the 6th and largest edition of the “UMEX” and “SIMTEX” 2024 exhibitions concluded on January 25, 2024. The events were inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and witnessed wide participation and remarkable success across all levels and platforms.

Held from January 23 to 25, the exhibitions featured the participation of 214 companies from 35 countries worldwide.
His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan toured the exhibition pavilions, where he observed the most prominent unmanned systems, simulation, training technologies, and their various applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous applications, robots, and multi-purpose systems in defence, civil, commercial, and medical fields.
Moreover, he was briefed on the latest innovative developments in these systems, ethical frameworks for their humanitarian use, and the ways they can support sustainable development.

The visit included a tour of national pavilions, such as the “Coding Challenge competition” pavilion affiliated with the Ministry of Defence. During the exhibitions’ inauguration, His Highness stated: “Thanks to the support of our wise leadership and their sound directives, the UAE is witnessing continuous and remarkable progress in the national defence industries. This relentless support and constant focus on developing the capabilities and competencies of our armed forces reflect the depth of concern and the insightful vision of our leadership”.

He added, “This strategic direction is manifested in the UMEX and SIMTEX exhibitions, which embody the spirit of innovation and progress. This event enhances the UAE’s status as a leading country in the defence and security sectors globally and regionally. It introduces innovative solutions that bolster international security and stability, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future”.

The 6th edition of UMEX and SIMTEX 2024, organized by ADNEC in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Defence and Edge Group as the strategic partner, witnessed exceptional growth in participation, with 214 companies taking part from 35 countries, including 11 nations participating for the first time, marking a 19% increase compared to the previous edition.
Furthermore, the exhibitions helped promote local innovation and business development, showcasing 72 local companies, representing approximately 34% of the participating companies.

Additionally, the total exhibition area increased by 15% in the sixth edition, covering over 30,000 square metres.
The exhibitions featured a wide array of thrilling and cutting-edge technological innovations that support civil sectors, including transportation, construction, manufacturing, energy, and the economy. Moreover, numerous deals were made in the civilian sector, and special awards were presented to recognise the most beneficial innovations in each sector.

New Initiatives

The biggest edition of the UMEX and SIMTEX exhibitions witnessed the launch of five new initiatives for the first time. These initiatives included live maritime and land demonstrations at the main stage of the exhibition centre and the Marina area at ADNEC, in addition to live aerial demonstrations at the Sweihan Hills in Al Ain.

The launch of “UMEX Commercial” provided a unique space for both civilian and military companies to showcase their latest technologies, products, and services, and exchange innovative developmental ideas and visions.

The platform brought together numerous leading manufacturers and operators in the unmanned systems sector, professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders, for three days of communication, knowledge exchange, and experience sharing. Moreover, it provided a unique opportunity for companies in the commercial and defence sectors to collaborate, exhibit their latest technologies, products, and services, and form strategic partnerships.

Furthermore, the exhibitions provided an opportunity for Emirati programmers to participate in the “Coding Challenge” organised by the Ministry of Defence, demonstrating their skills and capabilities in innovation and creativity in the field of unmanned systems.

Companies and specialists were offered the chance to learn about the benefits of the leading “UMEX Next-Gen” platform, dedicated to start-ups, to engage with first-class professionals, establish strategic partnerships, and access valuable investment opportunities.

The 6th edition of the exhibitions attracted exceptional interest from local suppliers, global sector leaders, and major international companies in the unmanned systems sector, indicating the escalating role of innovation in this rapidly evolving and changing sector.

Additionally, the participation of international companies and the inclusion of cutting-edge technologies at this event contributed to its global aspect, emphasising the importance of combining local expertise with leading global innovations and providing a dynamic and interactive experience for participants, reaffirming Abu Dhabi’s status as a pivotal hub for innovation, creativity, and distinction in several advanced and leading industries, regionally and globally.

Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed visits UMEX and SIMTEX

His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, visited the 6th edition of the UMEX and SIMTEX exhibitions, where he met with decision-makers, experts, and entrepreneurs from national and international companies and was briefed on the latest developments and technologies in the unmanned systems field, both in the defence and civil sectors.

Moreover, His Highness emphasised the UAE’s keenness to attract advanced and innovative technologies, enhancing its leading position in modern industries. He also highlighted Abu Dhabi’s commitment to promoting innovation in unmanned systems, utilising the advanced technology ecosystem in the emirate, which enables strategic partnerships and talent enhancement to continue sector development.

AED 2.9 billion in deals with the Ministry of Defence

Tawazun Council, responsible for managing acquisitions, purchases, and contracts for the Ministry of Defence, announced the conclusion of the UMEX and SIMTEX 2024 exhibitions with a total of 18 deals amounting to AED 2.932 billion over three days. On the first day, 5 local and international deals were made with a value of AED 971 million, while the second day resulted in 5 deals valued at AED 939 million and on the final day, 8 local and international deals were made, with a total value of AED 1.022 billion, including 5 local deals amounting to AED 859 million.

Panel discussions on the latest developments in unmanned systems

Several experts and specialists in the unmanned systems sector participated in a series of enriching panel discussions and presentations, highlighting the latest developments in unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics. These discussions covered a diverse range of topics, including the future of autonomous systems, the potential of artificial intelligence and robotics, AI-powered flight, big data, and more.

The diverse events at the UMEX and SIMTEX 2024 exhibitions established new standards in the unmanned systems and simulation fields, with this edition featuring a significant increase in the number of specialized international and local companies showcasing the latest technological innovations and conducting business deals.

The events bolstered Abu Dhabi’s prestigious position as a global centre for technological advancement, attracting national and international talent, and provided an ideal platform for launching pioneering initiatives and establishing strategic partnerships, in addition to envisioning the future of unmanned technologies and simulation techniques.

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