Thailand… Defence & Security Exhibition to Launch in November under the Slogan “Strength through Partnership”

From November 6 to 9, 2023, the Defence and Security Exhibition for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will take place at the “Impact” Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand, under the slogan “Strength through Partnership.”

The newest edition of this global exhibition is expected to attract more than 23,000 visitors and specialists in the defence and security industry.

It will be held in large indoor and outdoor spaces allowing participants to showcase the latest defence and security products and technologies in land, air, sea, defence technology, and internal security domains.

Supported by the Thai Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, this exhibition will host about 25 main national pavilions, in addition to presentations of the latest advanced technologies from defence and security companies from 45 countries, including weapons systems, launchers, missiles, tanks, guided weapons, military vehicles, fighter aircraft, naval vessels, submarines, satellites, drones, communications, and electronic defence equipment.

Participants in the exhibition will showcase the latest cybersecurity products and solutions, space technology, as well as related equipment such as explosive ordnance disposal, pistols, surveillance equipment, bulletproof vests, surveillance cameras, mobile jamming devices, personal protection, and electronic security devices.

All exhibition programs and activities have been designed to foster relationships that encourage partnership development at all levels, based on the event’s rich history in building strategic partnerships among its participants.

The international defence exhibition provides a unique opportunity for communication, knowledge exchange, and meeting the needs of armed forces and defence and security institutions around the world.

In its new edition, the exhibition will serve as a distinct platform and a central meeting point regionally to build relationships between defence and security manufacturers and industry professionals from around the world.

In conjunction with the exhibition, several seminars and scientific workshops discussing future war trends, issues, and techniques will be organized by leading experts and specialists in the defence and security fields worldwide.

One of the prominent events to be held in this context is an international seminar on “Cybersecurity for Military Operations,” covering areas related to military information security, data protection issues, networks, identity verification, and counter attacks.

Al Jundi

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