US Launches New Centre to Protect AI Systems

General Paul Nakasone, director of the US National Security Agency, said the agency will launch a new artificial intelligence security center to protect American AI systems and counter external threats.

“We maintain our superiority in AI in the United States today, but this advantage should not be taken for granted,” added General Nakasone.

The American general further explained that the new Centre could be integrated into the agency’s current Cybersecurity Collaboration Centre, which works with the private sector and domestic partners to bolster US defences against rivals like China and Russia.

When asked if the US had uncovered any Russian or Chinese attempts to influence the 2024 US presidential elections, Nakasone said: “We haven’t seen that yet,” noting that several elections will take place around the world before the US elections. He confirmed the US will work with partners and allies to deter any such attempts.

Nakasone said protecting the nation from AI threats and safeguarding the country’s interests will place AI within “our national security systems and defence industrial base.”

The new security centre will be launched as part of US efforts to develop AI systems for defence and intelligence while protecting those systems from theft or sabotage.

Cybersecurity researchers said China has intensified cyber operations in recent months targeting US-allied institutions, potentially involving malware designed to disrupt military communications.

Al Jundi

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