UK to Host First Global Artificial Intelligence Summit

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the United Kingdom will host the first global summit on artificial intelligence this year, in an attempt to reach a common understanding among nations to mitigate the risks associated with modern technology.

Sunak stated, “Artificial intelligence has incredible potential to improve our lives for the better, but we must ensure that it is developed and used safely.”

The British Prime Minister further added, “Throughout history, we have invented revolutionary modern technologies and harnessed them for the benefit of humanity. We must do it again.”

The summit is expected to take place in the autumn and bring together “countries with similar intellectual orientations” to develop a regulatory response, according to a spokesperson for Sunak, following an invitation from the Group of Seven (G7) in Japan.

The spokesperson denied that the summit aims to balance efforts to explore artificial intelligence for oppressive purposes, such as those seen in China and Russia.

However, while the UK looks forward to hosting a globally regulated artificial intelligence body, which is under consideration, the United States is engaged in direct dialogue with the European Union regarding this rapidly advancing technology.

Sunak stated, “I believe that we should have confidence in our leadership when it comes to artificial intelligence because the facts prove it.”

He continued, “If we look at the number of companies, the amount of investment, and the quality of our research, apart from the United States, no other democratic country has this level of strength in artificial intelligence.”

Sunak denied that the US President is detached from the reality of modern technology, as a former advisor in the British government warned that it could endanger humanity within two years.

The British Prime Minister said in a statement before the meeting with Joe Biden, “We discussed artificial intelligence when we were in Japan (at the G7 summit), and I know he is aware of the challenges it poses and the opportunities it provides.”

He added, “I know that the President is thinking about the risks our countries will face in the future and is keen to work together to protect our nations from them.”

Al Jundi

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