Tips to Protect Your Mobile Phone from High Temperatures

With the summer heat intensifying during the holiday season, mobile devices are exposed to excessive heat when taken to beaches, swimming pools, or even while sitting on balconies.

Smartphones and tablets can be greatly affected by heat, starting from temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and above. To protect your mobile devices from excessive heat during the summer, it is recommended to follow the following tips and guidelines:

1- Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight

It is advised not to leave your mobile devices under direct sunlight, as direct exposure can cause smartphones and tablets to overheat and shut down. To prevent this, cover your mobile devices or keep them in bags, which will also protect them from water splashes.

2- Avoid Charging The Phone While Hot

If your smartphone’s battery is depleted and it’s exposed to excessive heat, it’s best to wait until the device cools down before recharging it.

Charging the battery can increase the phone’s heat, however, it is advisable to avoid putting the phone in the refrigerator or using any extreme cooling method.

3- Take Devices Out of the Car

Avoid leaving your smartphone or tablet inside the car during the summer, as they can be exposed to excessive heat, potentially leading to the melting of plastic components.

Another reason to avoid leaving mobile devices inside a car is that the temperature inside the car cabin rises significantly when the car is parked under direct sunlight and can exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

If it is necessary to leave your belongings in the car, it is better to leave them in the trunk because it does not get exposed to excessive heat like the car cabin.

4- Protective Cases

Using protective cases can help extend the lifespan of mobile devices by shielding them from dust, dirt, and moisture. However, it’s important not to expose the devices to direct sunlight even when using protective cases.

5- Shut Down in Extreme Heat

If your smartphone or tablet is exposed to excessive heat, it’s best to shut down the device to avoid long-term battery damage or complete device failure.

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