The Cyber Security Council Launches Awareness Campaign on the Dangers of Phishing Attacks

The Cybersecurity Council has launched an extensive awareness campaign targeting governmental and private institutions, as well as all members of the community, about the importance of avoiding falling victim to phishing attacks and electronic fraud that use technology to trick digital users and obtain their personal information.

The campaign is structured around several key elements that come together to enhance the concept of safe internet usage. It encompasses guidance and advice on how to identify suspicious email messages, the importance of maintaining strong passwords, along with regularly updating software and applications, and utilizing secure internet communications.

This initiative will help raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding personal data and avoiding its theft through fake links or unknown messages, except through official channels. It emphasizes the importance of accuracy in dealing with emails and refraining from opening links until their authenticity is confirmed.

This campaign aims to raise awareness by improving the community’s understanding of cyber threats and how to deal with them. It aims to provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to detect these attacks and protect against them, promoting safe behaviour through best practices and preventive measures.

The council aims, through awareness campaigns and engagement with the digital public, to make cybersecurity a common and daily culture encompassing all members of the Emirati society.

This includes raising awareness among individuals that cyber threats are not limited to large organizations alone but can also affect them and their families.

Individual and institutional awareness is a crucial cornerstone in fortifying the UAE community against cyber-attacks amidst technological advancements and the increasing cyber threats accompanying them.


Al Jundi

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