Museum of the Future launches OSS Hope Simulator

In cooperation with SAP, the Museum of the Future has announced the launch of the OSS Hope Simulator, providing visitors with a new and innovative experience to get to know the future role of technology in promoting the sustainability of future space stations.

The OSS Hope Simulator from SAP is situated on the ‘Tomorrow Today’ floor of the museum, a dedicated space featuring near-future technologies that have the power to transform and change the way we live.

The simulator presents visitors with various scenarios that will have an impact on the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope, which is constantly working towards maximising its resources and sustainably balancing energy, materials, and opportunities for all the inhabitants, and for the station itself.


Guided by an AI assistant, visitors playing on one of the three available gaming stations encounter challenges that use existing SAP technologies and solutions to reduce emissions and waste.

As part of the installation, the simulator includes a ‘Wall of Knowledge’ that explains how the various solutions and technologies used by SAP operate.

Once players have chosen from the various courses of action presented in the simulated challenges, they can view SAP’s global use cases to find out about the current applications of that specific solution including blockchain, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

The launch of the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope was announced as part of a special event organized by SAP at the museum on the future of innovation, sustainability and digital transformation, within the framework of the strategic partnership announced last year between the two.

 The Museum’s Role
Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at MOTF, said that the partnership with SAP reinforces the importance of the Museum’s role as a global testing platform for the latest technologies and innovations of the future, and a centre for international partnerships aimed at developing new solutions to the most pressing challenges facing humanity in the years and decades to come.

He added: “The Museum of the Future aims to design innovative experiences and solutions that support the progression of societies in line with the vision that humanity is at the heart of future aspirations, and that pioneering technology plays an essential role in creating new opportunities that guarantee a better future for generations to come.”

Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President of SAP Middle East Africa South, said, “The OSS Hope Simulator provides us with the opportunity to directly engage with individuals of all ages to showcase how innovation can enable a more sustainable future”.

Maccotta pointed out that with the simulator’s focus on zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequality, it was fitting that it was launched during the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, and the year in which COP28 will be held in Dubai.


“A recent SAP-commissioned survey shows that the overwhelming majority of companies in the UAE are fully aligned on the importance of sustainability including the role it plays in the future success of their business,” Maccotta said. “Businesses are facing pressure from customers and partners to demonstrate sustainable practices, and the survey shows that it is being driven internally too, as the financial value of sustainability is increasingly recognized.”

According to Maccotta, the new YouGov survey commissioned by SAP indicated that 96% of UAE companies recognized the importance of sustainability as a business objective, with 52% describing it as vital to their success. Similarly, 94% of IT decision-makers surveyed stated that their organizations’ financial performance and sustainability strategies would be connected in the coming 12 months, with 36% stating they would be intrinsically connected.
When IT decision-makers were asked about their companies’ specific sustainability goals in the next 18 months, the most cited goal was addressing sustainability in supply chains (65%), closely followed by reducing waste (62%), and reducing carbon emissions (53%).

Alongside sustainability, the survey showed that companies in the UAE are also overwhelmingly focused on digital transformation. A total of 89% of companies are planning to invest further in digital transformation cloud solutions and services in the coming 18 months. In addition, 95% of respondents stated that technology and innovation were important to their sustainability strategy’s success.

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