Hamdan bin Mohammed: Dubai is a global hub leveraging technology to shape the future

At the conclusion of the activities of the “Dubai Assembly for Generative AI” His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation, has reaffirmed Dubai’s continued support for cooperation between governments, businesses, and companies.

He also highlighted Dubai’s commitment to facilitating partnerships between the public and private sectors, maintaining a positive and proactive outlook on artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and seeking opportunities in challenges.

His Highness said: “Dubai is a global hub leveraging technology to shape the future, and we will continue to keep pace with global scientific and technological progress, working with everyone for the future of humanity.”

He added that: “Artificial intelligence marks a new era in human civilization and we want to be at its forefront. Thus we will employ technological tools to make sure Dubai is the best, fastest and most prepared for the future.”

Organized by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI was held on October 11-12, 2023 at the “Museum of the Future” and “Area 2071” in Emirates Towers in Dubai.

The event brought together over 2,200 experts, specialists, representatives of global technology companies, government agencies, international institutions, and research and scientific centers.

In his speech, Sheikh Hamdan pointed out that by hosting these global gatherings to explore the future of key sectors, Dubai is helping to unify future visions and launch effective international partnerships to employ and develop technology applications.

He stressed the importance of exploring the potential of future technology applications and ways to develop and regulate them in order to shape the future.

A Comprehensive Agenda

Moreover, the agenda of the event included over 50 panel discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops attended by 70 speakers including government officials, CEOs, experts, thought leaders, policy designers and makers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors and academics.

The Assembly featured 12 interactive exhibitions showcasing the latest AI innovations, organized by the Dubai Future Foundation, Meta, McKinsey, Microsoft, Deloitte, and PwC. It focused on showcasing the future of many technological and creative sectors, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about the future of technology, art, music, creativity in all its forms, and the most important testing, development and implementation programs for generative AI.

New initiatives

The forum witnessed the announcement of a number of new initiatives, including the “Dubai AI Alliance” launched by the Dubai Future Foundation. This alliance aims to provide a partnership and cooperation-based platform to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies, organize innovation standards, and stimulate positive ideas and impactful applications in this critical sector for future economies and societies.

Furthermore, it will enable global technology companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions concerned with AI technology to work together to find innovative solutions and leveraging promising opportunities.

On the other hand, “Dubai Digital Authority”, in partnership with the Dubai Center for AI Applications, announced the launch of the “Dubai.AI” platform, which enables customers to obtain services and information about the city of Dubai, and provides a comprehensive, interactive and unified source of information that is continuously fed with information from its official sources.

Global participation

The assembly’s list of strategic partners included Meta, PwC, Deloitte, Microsoft, McKinsey’s Quantum Black, Dubai Digital Authority, SAP.

The assembly’s activities included prominent participation from Emirates Airlines, SAP, Google, IBM, Nokia, Humanizeme, HTC Vive, Nvidia, Talabat, Superworld, Snap, Careem, BeiDo, Chakil, Dubai Blockchain Center, BCG, in addition to the European Blockchain Association, and the Global Organization for Ethical Data.

A New Era

One of the most important outcomes of the assembly’s sessions and panel discussions was the speakers’ consensus that generative AI is shaping a new era in human history, due to the ability of advanced technology to transform challenges into opportunities and make radical transformations in vital sectors such as the digital economy, fintech, climate change, and pharmaceutical innovations.

Many speakers pointed out that AI will be a fundamental tool in the process of addressing the climate change and sustainability challenges. In addition, it will be able to perform a wide range of diverse daily tasks on a wide scale.

Main Topics

The activities of the “Dubai Assembly for Generative AI” focused on 5 main topics which included exploring the concepts and applications of generative AI, introducing the most affected sectors and areas by generative AI, the role of governments and legislative bodies, the relationship between generative AI and other emerging technologies, and the main competitive advantages of major technology companies and startups.

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