China to Regulate Facial Recognition Technology

China has required companies using facial recognition technology to obtain legal consent or authorization before collecting personal information, according to a draft of regulatory rules published in early August.

China which made significant progress in this field, is known for employing the highest number of surveillance cameras across its vast territories, with the more efficient models using facial recognition technology to facilitate law enforcement operations.

The use of this technology for personal identification is increasingly spreading in private spaces, especially at the entrances of residential buildings, companies, and hotels, furthermore, facial recognition is being used for payment methods.

However, the new regulatory rules project stipulates that facial recognition technology should only be used “when absolutely necessary,” and alternative means of identity verification should be prioritized.

The text of the rules further states that the use of this technology to “process facial information must be carried out after individual or written consent, in accordance with the law.”

It notes that “no organization or individual may use facial recognition for the purpose of analyzing racial or religious affiliations, except when necessary to maintain national security.”

The U.S. Treasury Department has blacklisted several Chinese companies due to their use of this technology.

Al Jundi

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