Turkiye’s Roketsan develops new tank turret

Turkish company Roketsan has developed a new tank turret. This turret is armed with a 105mm cannon and utilizes an automatic loading system to reduce crew size.
The new turret design also provides increased protection for the crew by incorporating explosive reactive armour.
This turret system will be integrated into the main battle tank structure of the Turkish Army’s M60A3, but it can also be installed on other tanks such as the Leopard or T-72.
The new turret weighs 13 tons, making it lighter than the original turret of the M60A3 tank, which weighs 14.5 tons, and the T-72 turret, which weighs 18 tons.
This comprehensive turret solution allows for upgrading older tanks to a new required level on the modern battlefield.

Al Jundi

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