Turkey Announces Successful Maiden Flight of “Kaan” Fighter Jet

Turkey has declared the successful development and maiden flight of its fifth-generation fighter jet, “Kaan,” completing all tests, including ejection seat trials, full static, autonomous control surface deficiency and stability, landing gear drop, avionics system in the system integration lab, fuel, and engine startup tests.

Representing the cornerstone of Turkey’s weaponry, the “Kaan” fighters are expected to commence operations in 2028.

These stealthy military aircraft feature a wingspan of 14 metres, a height of 6 metres, and a length of 21 metres.

Moreover, they can reach a maximum speed of 2,205 km/h, operate at altitudes exceeding 16 km, carry weapons internally and provide both air-to-air and air-to-ground strategic capabilities.

Al Jundi

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