Russian TOS-1 Rocket Launcher Gets System Update

The TOS-1 is a formidable rocket launcher, known for its devastating firepower, and has recently undergone testing using a new navigation system that promises enhanced targeting accuracy and geodetic calculations automation.

This Launcher is widely used by Russian forces, especially in Ukraine, to strike large Ukrainian positions.

The TOS-1 is capable of launching thermobaric ammunition that ignites oxygen in the air through a misty cloud of flammable material.

It ignites with a specialized charge, resulting in a fireball that generates a high-pressure zone at the explosion’s centre. The resulting shockwave is powerful and covers a wide area, making the TOS-1 highly effective for targeting large-scale objectives.

The TOS-1 stands out as a formidable weapon for engagements, neutralizing enemy forces and fortified positions.

Al Jundi

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