Russia Bolsters Military Capabilities with New Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

Russia has bolstered its Pacific Fleet capabilities with a powerful new strategic nuclear submarine, according to Russian military sources.

Reports suggest that the new nuclear submarine, “General Suvorov”, has arrived at the submarine base of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka.

Russia started developing this advanced submarine back in 2014 under the state armaments project А955.

Last year, it underwent initial sea testing before being sent to the Northern Fleet for crew training.

The General Suvorov belongs to the new 4th generation Borei-A class of submarines that Russia is building under project А955.

According to Russia’s Defence Ministry, its primary armament will consist of formidable Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The arrival of the General Suvorov strengthens Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces in the Pacific region. It demonstrates the ongoing modernization of Russia’s strategic submarine fleet, reinforcing its formidable maritime nuclear capabilities.

Al Jundi

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