NIMR Welcomes SAMI CEO and Delegation to its Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing Facility

NIMR‭, ‬a leading manufacturer of combat-proven light‭- ‬and medium-weight wheeled military vehicles‭, ‬welcomed a delegation from the‭ ‬Saudi Arabian Military Industries‭ (‬SAMI‭), ‬led by its CEO‭, ‬Dr‭. ‬Andreas Schwer‭, ‬to its world-class armoured vehicle manufacturing‭ ‬facility‭. ‬
The high-level SAMI visit was attended also by Dr‭. ‬Fahad Al Yafei‭, ‬President‭ ‬–‭ ‬Platforms‭ & ‬Systems‭, ‬EDGE‭. ‬
The dignitaries conducted a tour of NIMR’s facility and were briefed on the company’s capabilities‭, ‬products and service offerings‭. ‬A number of its light‭- ‬and medium-weight vehicles were showcased including the JAIS 4×4‭, ‬AJBAN 440A‭, ‬AJBAN 447‭ / ‬447A‭, ‬HAFEET 630A‭, ‬ISV‭, ‬JAIS 6×6‭ ‬and its RIV‭. ‬The AJBAN MK2‭ ‬Prototype was also on display‭. ‬
NIMR offers complete end-to-end solutions in its area of specialisation‭, ‬including mission systems integration support‭. ‬Recognised for their field-tested versatility‭, ‬ruggedness and performance‭, ‬the company’s vehicles are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with international quality and military standards‭. ‬NIMR‭ ‬is part of the Platforms‭ & ‬Systems cluster of EDGE‭, ‬an advanced technology group for defence and beyond that was inaugurated in‭ ‬November 2019‭.‬

Al Jundi

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