Denmark Develops War Frigates

The Denmark-based company “OSK Design” has unveiled its new project, icebreaker war frigates designed to operate in polar regions throughout the year while maintaining optimal performance.

The new frigates’ robust structures will enable them to function as icebreakers in frozen seas and oceans.

The new ships are equipped with platforms to carry helicopters, drones, submarines, and unmanned boats, in addition to various-sized rescue and military landing boats.

Each of the new ships measures 125 meters in length and 18 meters in width. They can transport between 60 to 125 individuals depending on the mission and can travel at a speed of 23 knots.

These ships come equipped with several types of cannons, launchers for anti-maritime, anti-land, and anti-aircraft missiles.

Furthermore, they will receive a variety of offensive and defensive weapons.

Al Jundi

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