Canadian Navy Receives Upgraded Icebreaker Patrol Ship

The Canadian Navy recently received a new ship from the Harry DeWolf class.

Irving Shipbuilding delivered the vessel, named the William Hall, which belongs to the Harry DeWolf class and is capable of serving as a patrol ship and icebreaker in the Arctic region.

In 2015, the Canadian government signed contracts to acquire 6 icebreaker patrol Harry DeWolf class ships, with a total deal value of $2.92 billion at the time.

Each ship in this class has a length of 103.6 meters, a width of 19 meters, and a displacement of 6,615 tons.

They can sail up to 6,800 nautical miles on each mission and operate for 85 days without the need for resupplying provisions and fuel.

These vessels come equipped with 25mm anti-aircraft guns and 12.7mm Browning M2 machine guns in addition to a platform for carrying helicopters like the CH-148 or CH-146.

Al Jundi

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