Hearing Impairment Treatment Reduces the Risk of Premature Death

Treating hearing impairment using hearing aids (hearing devices), reduces the risk of premature death by 24%, according to a study led by American researchers at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

The researchers examined data from 10,000 individuals, including 1800 suffering from severe hearing impairment.

During the study period, the researchers tracked the mortality rate among the participants, considering factors such as age, earnings, education, medical history, and the degree of hearing impairment.

Of those suffering from hearing impairment 237 reported using hearing aids at least once a week, while 1483 individuals did not use these devices at all.

The researchers found that hearing devices helped decrease the risk of early death by 24%.

Dr. Janet Choi, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the university, stated, “We found a 24% decrease in the risk of early death among people who use hearing devices.”

She added, “The results confirm that hearing loss and longevity are connected, and previous studies have proved a connection between hearing impairment and physical frailty.”

Choi pointed out that there is proof that untreated hearing impairment can lead to social isolation, reduced physical activity, and cognitive decline.

She concluded by explaining that another study published last year “confirmed what we found in the recent study, that hearing devices might be a vital tool in preventing cognitive decline, dementia, and reduce early death.”

Al Jundi

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