During UMEX & SIMTEX 2024 Conference.. Unmanned systems experts discuss future trends in the sector

Under the theme “Unmanned Systems: Ascending to New Spaces for Emerging Technologies and Unprecedented Impacts,” the conference was organized by ADNEC in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Defence and Edge Group, attracting wide international participation. The event saw the presence of elite experts, decision-makers, academics, government officials, and diplomatic missions from the unmanned systems sector.

Welcome Speech

The conference commenced with a welcoming speech by His Excellency Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Defence Affairs, followed by a speech by His Excellency Omran Sharaf, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Advanced Science and Technology The conference featured 26 speakers, experts in unmanned systems and artificial intelligence from around the globe, who discussed future trends in the sector at ADNEC, with over 200 delegations in attendance.

In his welcome speech, Al Mazrouei, stated, “The UAE takes pride in hosting such events, which propel us towards new horizons of development and growth in the field of unmanned systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, as well as simulation, training, and their applications in military and civilian sectors”.

He added, “Through this pioneering event in the Middle East, we aspire to achieve our strategic goals in keeping pace with the information revolution and shaping a better future with the support of our wise leadership in the UAE.”

Conference Objectives

Moreover, Al Mazrouei explained, “The conference aims to provide a global platform bringing together officials, decision-makers, and innovative minds in the fields of unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, and scientific industries to discuss topics on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the information leap, shedding light on the latest scientific and technological developments in these areas, and sharing best practices. Staying abreast of the latest scientific developments and modern technologies in this vital sector during the sixth edition of this event reinforces the UAE’s position as a global hub for hosting specialized exhibitions and conferences in the field of unmanned systems, simulation, and training.”

Major General Mubarak Saeed bin Ghafan Al Jabri, Chairman of the Supreme Organising Committee for UMEX and SIMTEX said, “The accompanying conference for UMEX and SIMTEX exhibitions constitutes a strategic platform that brings together leading experts, decision-makers, officials, and specialists from around the world to discuss the growth prospects of the unmanned systems industry”.

He added, “This event is the only one of its kind in the Middle East, reflecting the importance of unmanned systems and their pivotal role in supporting international peace and security operations. Furthermore, these industries and their innovations play a key role in supporting sustainable development paths for national economies, encompassing not only defence applications but also diverse commercial and civilian uses.”

Hamid Matar Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and CEO of ADNEC Group, stated, “Today, we witnessed the launch of the largest edition of the accompanying conference for UMEX and SIMTEX exhibitions since their inception in 2015, organized by ADNEC Group in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Defence and Edge Group as a strategic partner”.

Al Dhaheri added, “This conference attracted various high-level decision-makers, diplomatic missions, industry leaders, officials, experts, and researchers in the unmanned systems, simulation, and training sectors, aligning with our strategies at ADNEC Group to support promising vital sectors and enhance the competitiveness of national companies at both local and global levels.” This year’s conference included 4 main presentations, 3 panel discussions, and a sideline conversation where industry leaders presented topics within their expertise.

Al Jundi

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