UAE Public Prosecution organises Global Summit for Metaverse Governance and Emerging Technology

UAE Public Prosecution is organising a global summit to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Metaverse governance and emerging technology to confront virtual world crimes and to strengthen the international legal framework in confronting them.

This summit is the first of its kind, and represents the largest international gathering of experts and specialists concerned with the Metaverse governance and emerging technology, in addition to legal, judicial and regulatory aspects in the Metaverse worlds, technologies and applications of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fictitious assets, digital currencies, and blockchain technology and its investigations.

The summit monitors the rapid transformations witnessed by the next generation from the internet and communications, and the opportunities available to employ this revolutionary technology in various vital sectors for a better future for societies and improving their quality of life all over the world.

The summit aims to enhance the UAE leadership and competitiveness in the Metaverse world and emerging technology, and its leadership of efforts to enhance the international cooperation in facing the challenges and cross-border virtual world crimes, and formulating the legal frameworks for its governance, in a way that contributes to creating appropriate conditions for the growth and development of Metaverse, and making UAE an attractive environment for investments, industries and related businesses to this field. Thus, it enhances the pioneering development and modernization process that UAE is witnessing now and in the future.

On this occasion, Counselor Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, UAE Attorney General, stated: “We are pleased to organise the Global Summit on Metaverse Governance and Emerging Technology, which is one of the initiatives of UAE Public Prosecution with a global scope, aiming at exchanging experiences and successful practices in the field of governance of this sector, and developing legislations and regulations related to data protection, privacy and cybersecurity risks, and the roles and responsibilities associated with the concerned parties from governments, private sector institutions and international organisations.

The Attorney General added that this summit is an actual adoption and implementation of the government’s directions and its leadership, and an emphasis on the role of UAE Public Prosecution in maintaining security and protecting rights and freedoms in all fields, including the Metaverse worlds and digital space.

Al Jundi

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