Thales launches the new AirMaster C ultra-compact air surveillance radar

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Thales launched recently an AirMaster C ultra- compact airborne surveillance radar capable of covering a full range of land, air and marine surveillance missions, and provides the latest target detection capabilities. Threat detection, identification and surveillance missions depend on the force’s ability to operate in any type of environment and all weather conditions. Building on its experience with its successful Master series of radars, Thales has developed new ultra-compact surveillance radar with enhanced capabilities for target detection to be used by  fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and drones, with lower costs of integration, operation, availability and high performance.

 AirMaster C sets a new standard for airborne radars, considering that the nature of armed confrontation is constantly evolving during intra-state conflicts in the post-Cold War era and due to asymmetric threats.

Thales is conducting preliminary studies in cooperation with Airbus Helicopters for the integration of AirMaster C on board of Guépard helicopter. It is a light joint military helicopter of the future.

Al Jundi

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